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Sure leads the way in installation of security and access control solutions. Technology will come and go, is why our priority to invest in people first. Because people come of solutions, but trade on trust. Let us earn your trust. As independent integrators of digital revolutionary services, bring together the security your people and premises through CCTV, networks, access control, intruder detection and automatic number plate recognition utilising advanced IP systems.
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Access Control

With selective access, building entry systems ensure your premises appear welcoming while offering maximum protection from outside threats.

Intrusion Detection

This is system configured to search or identify suspicious activity and known threats, which upon activation triggers alerts.

Intercom Systems

An intercom provides communication system for accessible area.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) this system being used for many different purposes including offences, prosecution for drivers and traffic and parking monitoring.

Video Surveillance

At wide range of HD CCTV cameras and recording equipment for general or specific surveillance in and around your premises.

Customer Profiling

Smart technology allows you track the behavioural habits of customers, for example busy areas in store.

Temperature Screening

Taking advantage of differences in IR intensity in individuals. Sound alarms can activated when certain temperature threshold is exceeded.

Network Infrastructure

Network and data cabling solutions are vital to maximum performance you IT provision. We install, and that configure wide variety, of network devices, including switches, routers, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions.

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  • Education Sector
    “They have worked tirelessly not actually sure they have even eaten! They were here when I left late last night and here at 6 this morning. They are both lovely and polite with a good sense of humour and deserve some recognition. I am very grateful. Thank you ”
    Education Sector