Protecting the heart
of how you do business

Protecting commercial and industrial

Ensuring the safety of employees, assets, and data in a corporate building can pose tremendous challenges and add to the operational cost of any organisation. Security equipment provides an easy solution that integrates with existing infrastructure and meets or exceeds all requirements.

We protect your business, commercial property and commercial premises from theft, intruders and damage.

Avoid expensive business loss due to criminal activity or natural disaster. Ensure the complete safety of your staff and employees with our comprehensive security equipment. A simple assessment can ascertain you are suitably covered.

Our solutions for the commercial & industrial sector

Access Control

We provide a comprehensive solution on-site and remote services that support our Customers with trusted, proven systems that protect and connect buildings, businesses and people.

We offer a cost-effective standalone door entry system or design a fully networkable IP managed system which can incorporate staff identification badges along with vehicle barriers. We have supplied and installed a variety of systems on a national basis.

Intrusion Detection

We understand the risks faced by commercial and industrial sectors. Everything we do is geared towards reducing this risk.

The commercial intrusion detection solution helps keep your business premises safe especially when staff are no longer on site. Perimeters are the first line of defence for protecting critical assets, and perimeter security systems begin with detection in mind.

Video Surveillance

In an industrial and commercial infrastructure where security really matters video surveillance protects your high value assets. CCTV lets you observe exactly what is happening at multiple remote sites from a central location. It adds an extra layer of intelligence to the systems you already have in place.

We supply a comprehensive range of cameras. Our excellent quality recording systems can be networked across multiple sites or individually controlled from a single point on the network. This allows the viewer to watch both live and historic CCTV footage via a secure internet connection.

Temperature Screening

Thermal imaging cameras allow you to see sources of heat in an area, person or piece of equipment and are used by staff and tradespersons to highlight temperature hot spots.

The temperature screening tool is configured to reduce the requirement to manually measure every individual’s temperature. This reduces the risk of symptomatic individuals with a heightened temperature from gaining access to your site protecting staff and visitors of any possible infections.

Customer Profiling

This includes video analytics which is widely used across many industries and sectors to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue. This impressive technology has an extensive array of features that ensures a proactive system is continuously running on site to prevent, deter, detect and analyse important factors. Other features and benefits include:

  • Collect real-time occupancy information from your business premises
  • Accurate, automated and affordable to comply with government requirements
  • Scalable solution for multiple and separate access and exit points
  • Simplified management of social distancing
  • Customisable analytics to suit requirements.

Intercom Systems

Our door entry intercom systems are an excellent way to improve the security of commercial and industrial environments. Our vast control systems capabilities range from single-channel intercoms to full video intercom systems. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of systems.

These systems are often the first point of security to prevent unwanted persons from gaining access, as well as providing control of personnel in the event of an emergency.

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