Protecting the
most vulnerable

Protecting Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, health centres and other medical sites are areas fraught with security risks. Threats ranging from trespassing, violence, vandalism and theft make staff and the public vulnerable taking away from the focus and purpose of these premises.

Our advanced security technology is being used to isolate and lockdown areas now more than ever as we continue the fight against COVID 19. This is particularly essential in the medical field with front line staff providing a single or multiple views of the overall risks in any healthcare environment ensuring the implementation of safe practices that adhere to Government guidance on social distancing, such as zone demarcation and staggered customer entry. Our fully trained, DBS-checked engineers have the expertise to carry out an on-site risk assessment of your environment.

Our solutions for the healthcare sector

Access Control

We have experience to facilitate the design and installation of access control system that allows people the right times, while also preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas. The choice of access control technology will partly dependent on level of security needed, the environment will working, and cost.

Intrusion Detection

An intruder detection system considerably enhances both the operation and effectiveness of security systems. Thoughtfully installed and effective, detection systems will notify the presence of potential intruder. These systems can remotely monitored and activated, allowing remote operation and diagnostics.

Video Surveillance

CCTV cameras in hospitals and healthcare practices can be useful in helping to deter or monitor crime in public areas. We understand the importance of having a surveillance system in place, that respects the sensitivity of protecting patient confidentiality as well as the legal obligations. We supply, install and configure a comprehensive range of cameras to ensure your staff, property and assets are protected. Our control equipment and associated software allows for remote access capability on any PC and most smartphones.

Temperature Screening

Fever-screening solutions, using thermal imaging to identify individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19.

The temperature screening devices use leading technology to detect accurately elevated human temperatures. Identifying potential COVID-19 sufferers as they enter hospital allows healthcare professionals to take precautions, such as limiting contact with other patients and ensuring all staff they encounter are wearing appropriate PPE.

Intercom Systems

In medical environment, our intercom systems meet your specific requirements. We understand the importance location and communication of staff members and patients.

It is variety of mounting options available your convenience with hands-free options.

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