Helping to protect your
most valuable assets

Protect students, staff and campus facilities

Whether public or independent, it goes without saying that the security and safety of your educational establishment is paramount. Alongside your commitment to delivering excellent academic and pastoral provision, you have a critical responsibility to protect your pupils, staff and assets from anything that could put them and your reputation at risk. The education sector can pose various security challenges. Safeguarding students can be enhanced using our visitor management systems.

Our solutions for the education industry

Access Control

Controlling who can access your learning establishment is critical. Visitor management systems and procedures ensure only authorised staff and visitors are on site. Access Control is the right solution here, with systems now able to exploit biometric technology for high levels of security.

Our access control systems are able monitor and secure all aspects of individual site, or multiple sites with in academy trust.

Intrusion Detection

Theft can have a huge impact, leaving your organisation vulnerable. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding business intruder systems that will not let you down. Our reliable solutions will always keep your business protected. Many businesses with an intruder alarm installed also benefit from reduced insurance premiums, making it a valuable investment.

Video Surveillance

CCTV surveillance systems, have excellent deterrents, against incidents occurring during school hours, whether is bullying, unauthorised access, or vandalism. Security cameras can help keep student safety at forefront and to identify bottleneck areas on site. Are range of hybrid solutions, universities, schools and campuses secured flexibly to ensure maximum protection for staff, students and property.

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Temperature Screening

Persons with a temperature above absolute zero emit a detectable amount of infra-red(IR) radiation. Taking advantage of the differences in IR intensity between bodies, thermal cameras create heat zone images. Thermal Imaging Cameras can prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other viruses by detecting elevated body temperatures in large groups of people, in under a second, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C. This technology enables you to manage

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